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    100 m low (air)draft propelled river barges

    Multiple EU built, shallow draft, low airdraft, self-propelled river barges suitable for dry bulk and container transport. Location: East Med. Enquire

  • paddle boat

    1920s Paddle Steamer (keen sellers)

    Kept in its original style and beautifully maintained paddle steamer suitable for carrying up to 600 passengers for day (or romantic evening) tripping, taking your guest back to the early days of travelling by boat in luxury. Must see. Keen sellers. Location: The Netherlands. Enquire

  • Euro carrier

    2209 Multi purpose vessel

    Versatile workboat, Dredging support, Diving support, Cable repair, Supply, Anchor handling

    2011, Netherlands built , BV Coastal. l x w x d (m): 22.6 x 9.0 x 2.1, Propulsion 2 x 390 kW, Bollard pull 18 tons. Knuckle boom crane 26 tons @ 5.6 m (140 tm), deck winch 50 ton pull. Accommodation for 5 crew, location: North Sea. More details: Enquire

  • multicat draft

    26 x 10 Multicat

    late nineties, well maintained. BV class, 26 x 10 multicat. Propulsion 2 x 595 kW, Bow thruster. Towing/AH winch 2 x 45 t. 140 tm deck crane. Accommodation: 5 crew. Enquire

  • utility tug

    26m utility AHT (3 sisters)

    Towing, Anchor Handling, Utility and Dredge Support

    2008, GL. l x w x d (m): 26.0 x 9.2 x 3.6, max. draft 2.8 m. 2 x Cat 3412, 720 bhp each, 12.6 tbp. telescopic crane: 60 tm. Far East. Inquire

  • dive barge

    32 x 14, 4-PM Multicat

    2014 built, ABS class, well equipped multicat for shallow water operation. Suitable for near shore diving operation. Location: West Africa. Enquire 

  • shallow AHT

    39 tbp shallow draft AHT

    Towing, Anchor Handling, Dredge Support and Ploughing 2013, BV. l x w x d (m): 27.0 x 9.1 x 3.5, max. draft 2.65 m. 2 x Cat 3512, 2,240 kW, 39 tbp. knuckle boom crane: 5,2 ton @ 18 m. Northsea. Inquire

  • Damen 2709

    39 tbp Shallow draft AHT (keen sellers)

    Keen sellers. 39 ton Bollard Pull, Recent built, Solid design shallow draft AHT. Recent ABS class Special survey completed. Without recommendations. Unrestricted navigation. Length: 27 m, Beam: 9 m, Depth: 3.6 m, Max draft: 3.2 m. Caterpillar engines, Double drum Waterfall configured, Stern Roller, triple towing pins, Powerfull deck crane. 7 men accommodation.

  • shallow AHT

    48 tbp Shallow draft Ice class AHT

    2014. Versatile Shallow draft Ice class AHT, 48 tbp, 2 x Cat. 3412, Double drum waterfall configured AH/Twoing winch. location: North Sea. Enquire

  • shallow AHT

    51 tbp Shallow draft AHT

    2011, BV class, 51 tbp shallow draft AHT, Double drum, waterfall configured and accessoiries. L x B x D x draft(m): 31.0 x 10.0 x 3.45 x 2.5 . Propulsion: 2 x 1,425 kW + bow thruster. 200 tonmeter knuckle boom crane. Prompt available. present location Med. Enquire

  • Shallow draft AHT

    54 tbp Shallow Draft FiFi-1 AHT

    Towing, Anchor Handling, Shallow Water operations, Dredge/Field Support 

    2007, Lloyds Register. l x w x d (m): 35.00 x 11.50 x max. draft 3.15 m. 3 x Cummins, 1235 kW each, 54 tbp. knuckleboom crane: 185 tonmeter. For charter only. Location ME gulf. Enquire

  • Damen 3509

    64 tbp multi-purpose tug

    2011, 64 tbp, RINa class, solid design, 2 x Cat 1750 kW each, split drum and AH accessoiries for light AH activities, location: Med. Enquire

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