ASD Tugs

Azimuth Stern Drive (ASD) Tug

This is a tug where normal propellers and shafts have been replaced by two azimuthing propulsion units, whereby each individual propeller/nozzle unit can rotate indepently (360 degrees) around a vertical axis. Also power can be applied individually to each unit. The position of the propulsion units are placed near the stern of the tug and makes it possible for the tug to move forwards, backwards, sideways and turn around its own axis with great precision. The towing point on an ASD tug is located on the foredeck; however some ASD tugs may have additional towing points on their aft deck, thus enabling them to function in a similar manner to a conventional twin-screw tug (but with increased manoeuvrability). Some ASD tugs have enhances features making them suitable for extended coastal towages (ocean towage), Anchor Handling, Fire Fighting, Offshore- or Escort applications.

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50 tbp VSP tractor tug (3 sisters)
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