Jack-up Barges, Self-elevating Platforms, Lift boats & Spud pontoons

Jack-up Barges, Self-elevating Platforms, Lift boats & Spud pontoons are a type of mobile unit that consists of a rectangular hull fitted with usually three to four, round or square legs, capable of raising its hull over the surface of the sea. Jacking or lifting takes place by rack & pinion, hydraulic cylinders or wires. The hull enables towing of the unit and to a desired location. Once on location the hull is raised to the required elevation above the sea surface supported by the sea bed. The legs of these units require a sea bead surface which prevents the legs to sink into it, whereby some may be designed to slightly penetrate the sea bed or may be fitted with enlarged sections or footings. Except for the larger types, generally Jack-up Barges and Self-elevating platforms are not self-propelled and manoeuvre on site by means of of mooring quipment consisting of a four winches with long wires and anchors. Over long(er) distances transport takes place with tugs dedicated barges for transportation or with semi submersible / heavy lift ships. Jack-up Barges, self elevating platforms, lift boats and spud pontoons are used for all kinds of stationary marine construction, drilling, salvage and even well intervention, all in relative shallow waters.

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  • geo platform

    12m x 12m Self-elevation platform

    For Sale: 12.2 m x 12.2 m Modular Self-elevating platform / Jack-up barge. Legs: 18 meter. Deck load: 40 tons. Location NW Europe. Optional: Expanding pontoon to 12 m x 15 m or 12 m x 18 m and lengthening legs to max 27 meters. Enquire

  • Jack-up transport

    Jack-up Barge modular

    GL. Containerised. L x B x Depth (m): 30.0 x 22.0 x 2.90. Max. operating depth 25 meter. payload: 400 t. Inquire

  • Jack-up piling

    Jack-up Barge, 250 ton pedestal crane

    ABS. L x W x Depth (m): 43.0 x 30.0 x 4.20. Max. operating depth 50 meter. 250 ton pedestal crane. 575 dwt. ME. For Charter only. Inquire

  • Jack-up MODU

    Jack-up Barge, 300 ton pedestal crane

    ABS. L x W x Depth (m): 46.0 x 30.5 x 4.50. Max. operating depth 30 meter. 300 ton pedestal crane. 732 dwt. Asia-Pacific. For Charter only. Inquire

  • Jack-up construct

    Jack-up Barge, 300 ton pedestal crane

    2009, ABS. L x W x Depth (m): 55.0 x 32.0 x 5.00. 72 meter legs. 300 ton pedestal crane. Max variable load: 1250 tons. ME. Inquire

  • heavy lift boat

    Self-elevating Platform, 1000 ton pedestal crane

    ABS. L x B x Depth (m): 76.0 x 40.0 x 6.00. 90.0 meter legs. 1000 ton pedestal crane. Payload: 2000 tons. Up to 250 pax accommodation. Optional DP2 thruster system. ME Inquire

  • elevating platform

    Self-elevating Platform, Modular

    Payload: 400 ton, Length x Width(m): 30 x 18, modular Self-elevation Platform / Jack-up Barge. Enquire

  • Spud pontoon

    Spud Pontoon / Work Barge

    Spud pontoon, with accommodation and three winch operated spuds of which one so-called walking spud. Pontoon can lift itself about 80 cm up to create a stable work platform. Ideal for shallow water offshore operations. An approx 150 ton latticeboom crane, excavator or drilling equipment can be placed on board.  For sale. Inquire

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