River Hopper Dredgers

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  • inland hopper

    1.345 m3 inland Hopper Dredger

    Direct from owners: Built 1964, inland waters, well maintained and continuously upgraded. Very suitable for alluvial sand extraction. All deck equipment can be operated from the bridge by one person. Crew: 2. Price: Inquire

  • fluvia dredge

    500 m3 Cutter Suction Hopper Dredger

    Unique dredger to operate in shallow coastal waters or to dredge fluvial deposits, equpped with rainbow and pump ashore facilities. Includes 500 m pipeline and 250 m floating line

  • River Dredger

    580 m3 inland Hopper Dredger

    Built 1969, inland waters. Equipped for trailing and alluvial sand extraction. L x W x D(m): 67.0. x 8.25 x 3.10. Dredging depth 14/27m. Crew: 2. Inquire

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