Dragas de Tolva aguas interior

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  • draga aqua interior

    1.345 m3 inland Hopper Dredger

    Direct from owners: Built 1964, inland waters, well maintained and continuously upgraded. Very suitable for alluvial sand extraction. All deck equipment can be operated from the bridge by one person. Crew: 2. Price: Inquire

  • draga rio

    580 m3 inland Hopper Dredger

    Built 1969, inland waters. Equipped for trailing and alluvial sand extraction. L x W x D(m): 67.0. x 8.25 x 3.10. Dredging depth 14/27m. Crew: 2. Inquire

  • HDPE pipe

    HDPE Pipe

    High quality HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) pipe available in various standardised OD, wall thickness and pressure ratings, suitable for all kind of applications, such as dredging, mining, slurry piping, tailings processing, drainage, municipal water supply. For dredging applications suitable floaters can be supplied as well see SKU number H0128. Also non-flanged pipes available in same OD, wall thickness and pressure ratings. SGS report indicating that the pipes meet the various ISO standards will be provided prior to delivery Enquire

  • dredge float

    MDPE Dredge pipe Floater / Collar

    Durable Floats / Collars, the shell made of MDPE (Middle Density PolyEthylene) and to give it structural strength, filled with high-strength polyurethane,  UV protected and saltwater resistant, suitable for steel and HDPE dredge pipes in various standardised sizes. Light weight and easy to mount. Enquire

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