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  • remolque multi

    26 tbp Coastal Tug

    Coastal Towing, Barge Handling, General Support

    2006, DNV-GL. l x w x d (m): 30.00 x 8.6 x 4.3, 2 x Cat 3508, 750 kW each. Location: Far East. Inquire

  • 31 TBP Damen Stantug 3008 FiFi

    Coastal towage, barge handling & towage, general assistance tug

    1998, BV unrestricted, versatile, solid built. 2 x Cat 3512, 31 ton bollard pull, FiFi 2 x 180m3/h. accommodation for 12 crew. West Africa. Price: Inquire

  • coast tug

    32 tbp coastal tug

    Solid buit coastal tug, well maintained suitable for port and near coastal operations. Location: North Sea port. Enquire

  • 32 tbp twin screw Tug

    1982, Versatile, solid built towing tug with azimuth bow thruster, 2 x Cat 399, 895 kW each. FiFi pump and monitors as well as light salvage equipment. Location: North Sea. Enquire

  • tiron tornillo

    33 tbp 3200 bhp 29m Tug

    Coastal Towage, Barge Handling, General assistance

    2010, ABS-BKI, l x w x d (m): 29.50 x 9.00 x 4.16, Cummins KTA50, 1,600 bhp each, Far East. Inquire

  • remolcador convencio

    38 tbp 3200 bhp 36m Tug

    Coastal Towage, Barge Handling, General assistance

    2008, BV, l x w x d (m): 36.10 x 10.60 x 4.90, Draft 4.0m. 2 x Cummins KTA50, 1,600 bhp each, Far East. Inquire

  • 39 tbp Barge handling tugs (4 sisters)

    2006, BV class, 39 tbp well maintained, Twin screw barge handling tugs. L x B: 22 x 8 m. Cat engines, Towing and bargehandling winches. 8 men accommodation. location Caribbean. Enquire

  • Damen 2709

    39 tbp Shallow draft AHT (keen sellers)

    Keen sellers. 39 ton Bollard Pull, Recent built, Solid design shallow draft AHT. Recent ABS class Special survey completed. Without recommendations. Unrestricted navigation. Length: 27 m, Beam: 9 m, Depth: 3.6 m, Max draft: 3.2 m. Caterpillar engines, Double drum Waterfall configured, Stern Roller, triple towing pins, Powerfull deck crane. 7 men accommodation.

  • Utility AHT

    40 tbp AHT

    Ocean & Coastal Towage, Anchor Handling & Supply

    2009, BV class, l x w x d (m): 36.0 x 10.9 x 5.0. Draft 4.0 m, 2 x Cummins KTA-50, 1,600 bhp each, Towing/AH winch waterfall configuration. Sternroller and other AH related equipment. Inquire


  • twin tug

    42 tbp twin screw tug

    42 ton bollard pull conventional twin screw tug, suitable and well equipped for ocean towage. northern North Sea.

  • bp tug

    42 tbp twin screw tug (3 sisters)

     Towage, Barge handling, General assistance

    2005/2006/2007, BV/ABS/ DNV-GL class, l x w x draft (m): 25.0 x 8.60 x 3.1. 2 x Cat. 3512, 1,120 kW each, 41 tbp. 90 ton brake single drum towing winch. WAF, Med, ME Inquire

  • remolcador

    44 tbp multi-purpose tug (any reasonable offer considered)

    1994, BV class, solid built, well maintained, conventional multi-purpose tug. 2 x Cat 3516, 300 kW bow thruster. FiFi-½. Double drum towing winch. deck crane 12.5 m reach. 110 m² clear deck area. Large freshwater tank capacity. Accommodation for 18 crew. Location WAF. Enquire

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