Hopper Dredgers

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  • small hopper dredge

    1,350 m3 Hopper Dredger

    Versatile Hopper Dredger suitable for maintenance and capital dredging. Location. Eastern Europe. Enquire

  • tolva partida

    1.580 m³ Split Hopper Dredger

    Direct from owners: Modified and well maintained. annual survey recently passed, 1 x 500 mm dredgepipe mounted with a underwater pump for improved dredging efficiency, l x w x d (m): 75.00 x 14.3 x 4.75, Draft dredging load line: 4.35 m. Location Baltic Sea. Available for world wide projects. For charter only: Inquire

  • Hopper Dredger for sale

    1.800 m³ Hopper Dredger (sold)

    Direct from owners: 2008 Hopper Dredger rebuilt  under EU quality flag’s regulations (1984), 3.000 tons DW. bottom doors and pump ashore facility, BV class, North Sea port. Price: Inquire

  • Draga de Tolva Partida

    1.850 m³ Split Hopper Dredger

    Direct from owners: 1974 EU built Split Hopper Dredger, 2011 fully upgraded, BV class. SS passed Feb-2017 . l x w x d (m): 80.0 x 13.8 x 5.6. draft loaded (m): 4.8. Propulsion: 2 x Cat 3512, totalling 1.900 kW, each driving a rudder proppellor. For Charter only. Inquire

  • split dredger

    2,750 m³ Split Hopper Dredger

    Well maintained 2,750 m³ Split Hull Hopper Dredger. Next Special Survey due in October 2023. Enquire

  • draga tolva partida

    2.000 m³ Split Hopper Dredger

    Direct from owners: Well maintained. 1983, BV class. Loa 78.0 m, Width 14.5 m, Depth 5.25 m, Dredging Draft 4.75 m. Availability and Rates: Inquire

  • Hopper Dredger for sale

    2.800 m³ Hopper Dredger

    Direct from Owners: Vintage model, Length oa: 100 m, Width: 15.5 m, Draft: 5.0 m,  Well maintained, Gulf of Mexico region. Presently in operation. Price: Inquire

  • Sale Dredger

    2400 m3 Hopper Dredger

    Solid IHC designed and built Hopper Dredger, suitable for maintenance dredging, equipped with SWD and Cat engines. Location: China. Enquire

  • Draga tolva

    4.500 m³ Hopper Dredger

    Direct from owners: Continuously modified, BV Special Survey passed May 2016, 2 x 900 mm dredgepipes, l x w x d (m): 100 x 18 x 7.2, bottom doors en pump ashore facility. Location South America: Enquire

  • draga tolva

    5.400 m³ Hopper Dredger (priced to sell)

    Direct from owners: 1977, GL class, dredging depth 35 meters. , bottom doors and pump ashore facility. Next SS due Oct. 2017, Location: North Sea port. Price: Inquire

  • IHC booster

    650 mm / 26″ land-based booster pump unit

    IHC built, wel maintained, low running hours 650 mm shore based booster pump for dredging applications. Enquire

  • draga tolva

    7,250 m³ Hopper Dredger

    2012, DNV-GL, Loa 120 m, Beam 21 m, Depth 7.7 m Draft 6.8 m. Available for Charter only: Inquire

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