Hopper Dredgers

A Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger is a self-propelled vessel, used for maintaining or deepening waterways, or to dredge sands to replenisch beaches or to be used for construction purposes on land, thereby using powerful pumps and deploying one or two suction pipes fitted with a draghead, which are lowered onto the seabed, whilst moving slowly forward. The dredged materials are held in its hopper, to be discharged at the intended location, often many miles away from the dredging area, 1) through its bottom-doors, mounted in the keel of the vessel, 2) to pump these ashore, sometimes over distances of more than one kilometer, by means of a quick coupling mechanism, usually mounted at the bow of the vessel, or 3) spraying the material over a short distance, also known as rainbowing.

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  • small hopper dredge

    1,350 m3 Hopper Dredger

    Versatile Hopper Dredger suitable for maintenance and capital dredging. Location. Eastern Europe. Enquire

  • 1.580 m³ Split Hopper Dredger

    Direct from owners: Modified and well maintained. annual survey recently passed, 1 x 500 mm dredgepipe mounted with a underwater pump for improved dredging efficiency, l x w x d (m): 75.00 x 14.3 x 4.75, Draft dredging load line: 4.35 m. Location Baltic Sea. Available for world wide projects. For charter only: Inquire

  • Hopper Dredger for sale

    1.800 m³ Hopper Dredger (sold)

    Direct from owners: 2008 Hopper Dredger rebuilt  under EU quality flag’s regulations (1984), 3.000 tons DW. bottom doors and pump ashore facility, BV class, North Sea port. Price: Inquire

  • Draga de Tolva Partida

    1.850 m³ Split Hopper Dredger

    Direct from owners: 1974 EU built Split Hopper Dredger, 2011 fully upgraded, BV class. SS passed Feb-2017 . l x w x d (m): 80.0 x 13.8 x 5.6. draft loaded (m): 4.8. Propulsion: 2 x Cat 3512, totalling 1.900 kW, each driving a rudder proppellor. For Charter only. Inquire

  • split dredger

    2,750 m³ Split Hopper Dredger

    Well maintained 2,750 m³ Split Hull Hopper Dredger. Next Special Survey due in October 2023. Enquire

  • draga tolva partida

    2.000 m³ Split Hopper Dredger

    Direct from owners: Well maintained. 1983, BV class. Loa 78.0 m, Width 14.5 m, Depth 5.25 m, Dredging Draft 4.75 m. Availability and Rates: Inquire

  • Hopper Dredger for sale

    2.800 m³ Hopper Dredger

    Direct from Owners: Vintage model, Length oa: 100 m, Width: 15.5 m, Draft: 5.0 m,  Well maintained, Gulf of Mexico region. Presently in operation. Price: Inquire

  • Sale Dredger

    2400 m3 Hopper Dredger

    Solid IHC designed and built Hopper Dredger, suitable for maintenance dredging, equipped with SWD and Cat engines. Location: China. Enquire

  • Draga tolva

    4.500 m³ Hopper Dredger

    Direct from owners: Continuously modified, BV Special Survey passed May 2016, 2 x 900 mm dredgepipes, l x w x d (m): 100 x 18 x 7.2, bottom doors en pump ashore facility. Location South America: Enquire

  • 5.400 m³ Hopper Dredger (priced to sell)

    Direct from owners: 1977, GL class, dredging depth 35 meters. , bottom doors and pump ashore facility. Next SS due Oct. 2017, Location: North Sea port. Price: Inquire

  • IHC booster

    650 mm / 26″ land-based booster pump unit

    IHC built, wel maintained, low running hours 650 mm shore based booster pump for dredging applications. Enquire

  • 7,250 m³ Hopper Dredger

    2012, DNV-GL, Loa 120 m, Beam 21 m, Depth 7.7 m Draft 6.8 m. Available for Charter only: Inquire

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