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AHT escort
72 tbp FiFi-1 AHT Escort ASD tug
30 junio 2020
split barge
1,000 m3 Non-propelled Split Hopper Barge (2 sisters) (keen sellers)
7 julio 2020
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Floating Dredge Hose

Solid manufactured Floating dredge hoses meeting ISO 28017 ; 2018 manufacturing standard. Manufactured to clients requirements. All relevant diameters, Specific Gravity’s, working pressures. Can be delivered FOB or CIF/CFR word-wide. Enquire

Length 11.8 m (fits 40ft container)
ID 100 mm – 1,200 mm
SG As required (from neg. to >2.1)
Optional Bow connection configuration
Flange As required by client
Working pressure 10 bar – 35 bar
Standard ISO 28017;2018
Medium Sand & gravel. optional coral or rock
Bending angle 135 degrees


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