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500 mm, 1000 kW, 20kV LMG Electrical Booster unit

Containerised shore based 20 kV booster unit, 500 mm, max power 1000 kW with LMG pump, all required accessoiries and well documented. Full equipment list available. Total 3 x 20 ft container, being one control room unit, one transformer unit and one pump unit. Location West Europe. Enquire

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Built 2002
Type Electrical drive, shore based
Package 3 x 20’ containers
Container 1 Electrical switchboard
Container 2 Control room
Container 3 Booster unit
Electrical drive
Primary transformer 20 kV / 660 V, 1600 kVA, 50 Hz
Secondary transformer 660 V / 400 V, 250 kVA, 50 Hz
Pump drive Frequency drive
Reduction gear 1,050 kW, ratio 3.93:1
Coupling Safeset 1230 R/ Periflex
Booster pump
Type LMG 500-1520-250
Nominal power 700 kW
Max power 1,000 kW
Suction/discharge 500 mm
Max pressure 10 bar
Impellor 5-blade
Material impellor GS 32 NiCrMo 14
Accessories  & features
Crane 6 ton
Air compressor 5.5 kW, 40 bar
Hydraulic set 7.0 kW, 250 bar, 14.5 l/min
CO2 fire suppression system
Pipe heating
Various sockets


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    500 mm, 1000 kW, 20kV LMG Electrical Booster unit
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