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Jack-up MODU
Jack-up Barge, 300 ton pedestal crane
10 October 2016
MRI Accom
DP-2, 4-PM, FiFi-1 IMR/Accom. Vessel
12 October 2016
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Hydr. Hammers

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Type Weight Length Oil-flow
(t) (m) (l/min)
S500 57.5 11,943 1600
S280 30.5 10,390 800
S150 16.2 8,166 460
S90 9.7 8,055 250
IHC S-500
The IHC hydraulic underwater hammer is a universal pile-driving tool for use in air and under water. The hammer generates an energy level of up to 500 kNm. One advantage of this hammer is that the energy applied per blow can be continuously adjusted form 5 – 100% during pile driving. The hammer has been used for a variety of template and platform piles in water-depths to 285m.
Type IHC S500 Hydro hammer
Operating Data
Max. pile energy/blow* 500 kNm
Min. pile energy/blow* 25 kNm
Blow rate (max. energy) 50 bl/min
*) measured in pile
Ram 25 mt
Hammer (in air) 56 mt
Flat bottom anvil 9 mt
Pile sleeve excluding ballast 15 mt
Pile sleeve including ballast 25 mt
Total weight in air** 90 mt
Total weight under water** 74 mt
**) incl. sleeve and ballast
Hydraulic Data
Operating pressure 300 bar
Maximum pressure 350 bar
Maximum oil flow 1400 L/min
Hydraulic supply hose ID (two) 2 inch
Hydraulic return hose ID (two) 2 inch
72 In hammer sleeve
ID 1860 mm
Maximum OD 3500 mm
Length 3970 mm
84 In hammer sleeve
ID 2160 mm
Maximum OD 3900 mm
Length 3300 mm


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