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200 ft Hopper Barge (multiple sisters)
6 September 2016
Semi submersible barge
17,000 ton Semi Submersible Heavy Lift / Launch Barge
6 September 2016
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11,000 ton Semi Submersible Heavy Lift Barge

Well equipped and documented. L x W x Depth x Draft (m): 92.00 x 31.50 x 6.70 x 5.30. Deadweight: 11,000+ ton. Deck area: ~2,700 m2. Max submerging depth fwd: 2.0 m above deck, aft: 6.3 m above deck. For Charter only: Inquire

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Design loads (total loads)
Deck loads
Distributed 20 t/m2
Line loads
Transverse bulkheads 100 t/m
Transverse girders 80 t/m
Transverse frames 60 t/m
Longitudinal bulkheads 110 t/m
Point loads
Transverse bulkhead/Long bulkhead 360 t
Transverse bulkhead/Sideshell 450 t
Transverse frame/Long bulkhead 360 t
Transverse frame/Sideshell 500 t

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