Hopper Dredgers for Charter

1.580 m³ Split Hopper Dredger

Direct from owners: Modified and well maintained. annual survey recently passed. 1 x 500 mm dredgepipe mounted with a underwater pump for improved dredging efficiency. l x w x d (m): 75.00 x 14.3 x 4.75, Draft dredging load line: 4.35 m. location Baltic Sea. Available for world wide projects. For charter only: Inquire

Class Bureau Veritas
Unrestricted, dredging 8 miles offshore
Number of dredging pumps 1
Hopper volume 1.580 m3
Length 75,00 m
Width 14,30 m
Depth – moulded 4,75 m
Draft – dredging load line 4,35 m
Maximum depth of dredging 25,00 m
Diameter of the suction pipe 0,52 m
Productivity (sand) 1.200 m3 / h
Maximum speed (loaded) 10,5 knots
Maximum speed (empty) 11,0 knots
Machinery power
Dredging pump power 480 kW
Power of discharging pump 954 kW
Total power 2.252 kW
Crew & Accommodation
Crew members 14
Bunks 14
Fuel & Consumption
Fuel type Low Sulphur MGO
Lub oil type Total Disola M 4015
Fuel consumption (passage) 130 m3 / month
Oil consumption (passage) 1.500 kg / month
Water consumption (passage) 60 m3 / month
Pump ashore facility Yes
Rainbow Yes

4.500 m³ Hopper Dredger

Direct from Owners: Continuously modified, BV Special Survey passed May 2016. 2 x dredgepipes, l x w x d (m): 100.00 x 18.00 x 7.20. bottom doors en pump ashore facility. location Med. Price: For Charter only, Inquire

Please inquire for more details

7.000 m³ Hopper Dredger

Direct from owners: 2009, NKK class, unrestricted navigation, Loa 109.0 m, Width 21.0 m, Depth 8.50 m, Presently in operation. For charter only: Inquire

Built 2009
Class NKK
GT / NT 6,123 / 1,837
Length (oa): 109.0 m
Width: 21.0 m
Depth: 8.50 m
Hopper volume: 7,000 m³
Dredging depth: 27 m
Speed (loaded): 12 knts
Main engines 2 x 2,500 kW
Dredge pump engines 2 x 1,475 kW
Jet pump engines 2 x 900 kW
Total power: 11,150 kW
2 x Dredging pipes
14 cone shaped bottom doors
Pump ashore bow connection
Rainbow installation

2.000 m³ Split Hopper Dredger

Direct from owners: Well maintained. 1983, BV class. Loa 78.0 m, Width 14.5 m, Depth 5.25 m, Dredging Draft 4.75 m. Availability and Rates: Inquire

Built 1983
Class BV, I + Hull + Mach, Split hopper dredger,
Coastal area, Dredging within 15 Miles from
shore or within 20 Miles from port, + Mach
Length o.a. 78.0 m
Width 14.5 m
Depth 5.25 m
Draft (loaded) 4.75 m
GRT 2035
Hopper volume 2000 m³
Deadweight 2800 ton
Dredging depth 20 m
Speed (empty) 11.7 knots
Speed (loaded) 10.0 knots
Suction pipe 1 x 0.75 m dia
Maine engines 2 x 1250 kW
Shaft generator 1 x 580 kW / 725 kVA
Generator 2 x 152 kW / 190 kVA
Propellers 2 x CPP
Bow thruster 1 x 150 kW
Dredge pump 1 x 590 kW
Jet pump 600 m3/h, 7 bar
Fuel tanks 174 m3
Accommodation 10 crew

4.500 m³ Hopper Dredger

Direct from owners: 2007, IRS class, unrestricted navigation, Loa 97m, Width 18m, Depth 8m Draft 7.2m, Presently in operation. Availability and Rates: Inquire

Built : 2007, China
LOA : 96.78 m
LBP : 90.80 m
Breadth Moulded : 18.00 m
Depth moulded : 8.00 m
Draught (design) : 6.00 m
Draught (during operation) : 7.20 m
GT/NT : 4,337/1,301
Class : Indian Register of Shipping


Trading Area : World-wide unrestricted, Sea area A1 + A2 + A3
Dredging depth : 25 m
Design capacity of hopper : 4,500 cbm
Maximum load : 6,400 t (density 1.42t/m3)
Dredge Pump : 2 x IHC Holland, 123/30/70NWFT
Jet Water Pump : 2 x Zhejiang, OTS-300-560A
Suction Pipe : 2 x 750 mm, swell compensated
Suction Pipe Hoisting : 3 point hoisting with open hydraulic winches
Dumping arrangement : 2 x 11 conical doors.
Valve Control : Hydraulic remote operated
Overflow Pipe : Adjustable
Dredge Control : One man operated
Modern dredge monitoring and control equipment along with software available for monitoring concentration, velocity, draghead position and various other parameters.
Main Engine : 2 x 2206 KW with fixed pitch 5 bladed propellers and twin rudder.
Speed : 12 knots

(non-operation/no dredging)

: Main Engine – 17.5 mt MGO

1 Generator running : 2.0 mt MGO


Grade of oil : Marine Gas Oil
Endurance : 16 days
Bow thruster : Fitted – operated with dredge pump
Equipment             Nos.   Make          Model            Power           RPM    Fuel

Main Engine            2        Wuxi Antai  G8300ZC18B   2206 kw        600     MGO

Dredge Pump          2        Cummings   KTA 38-91100  746 kw         1600   MGO

HP Jet Pump           2        Luoyang Henan TBD604L6  530 kw         1500   MGO

Aux Eng                 3        Luoyang Henan TBD234V8  250 kw         1500   MGO

Emergency Gene     1        China Ship Power 6135AD  110 kw         1500   MGO

Total installed Power : 7824 KW

·         1 Composite boiler – 7 bar, 500 kg/h capacity

·         1 Crane on deck – 8 mt

·         2 sets of davits on main deck for drag head lifting and maintenance

·         CO2 fire extinguishing system for engine room and dredge pump engine room

Accommodation : 29 persons – all air-conditioned
Life Boat capacity : 32 persons
Gas Oil 430 t
Lubricating Oil 15 t
Fresh Water 160 t
2 Radars – 1 with ARPA
Echo Sounder
Weather Fax
Gyro Compass
GMDSS Equipment for A1 + A2 + A3

7,250 m³ Hopper Dredger

2012, DNV-GL, Loa 120 m, Beam 21 m, Depth 7.7 m Draft 6.8 m. Available for Charter only: Inquire

Built 2012
Class DNV-GL, 100 A5 “Hopper Dredger” RSA (50) at dredging draught 6.80 m,
unrestricted service at draught 5.70 m MC AUT
Length 120.0 m
Width 21.0 m
Depth 7.70 m
Draft (int LL) 5.70 m
Draft (dredg. LL) 6.80 m
GRT 6,725
Speed 11.5 knots
Dredging particulars
Hopper volume 7250 m³
Deadweight 9,900 t
Dredging depth 35 m
Suction pipe 1 x 1000 mm diameter
Bottom doors 8 bottom doors
Pump ashore Fitted, bow connection
Rainbow Fitted, bow
Overflow Fitted, conical
Main engines 4 x Cat. 3516B, 1630 kW each
Propulsion 2 x 1700 kW
Sand pump 2.000 kW
Pump ashore pump 2.000 kW
Jet pump 1.000 kW
Bow thruster 570 kW
Cabins 15 x 1-berth

Direct from owners: Various other well maintained, state of the art, Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers available for charter.

2.800m3, L: 80,00 m, W: 14,00 m, D: 6,30 m, Draft: 5,20 m, DW: 3.500 tons, Power installed: 4.400 kW, 11 kn. West Africa

4.500 m3, L: 90,00 m, W: 19,00 m, D: 7,30 m, Draft: 6,85 m, DW: 6.700 tons, Power installed: 9.400 kW, 11 kn. Europe

4.800 m3, L: 95,00 m, W: 23,00 m, D: 7,00 m, Draft: 6,50 m, DW: 7.000 tons, Power installed: 6.200 kW, 12 kn. Europe / Americas

5.600 m3, L: 95,00 m , W: 21,50 m, D: 7,60 m, Draft: 7,10 m, DW: 8.300 tons, Power installed: 6.700 kW, 13 kn. Europe / Middle East

All Hopper Dredgers equipped with Bottom Doors, Pump Ashore and Rainbow installation

Larger Hopper Dredgers in the range of 8.000 to 24.000 m3 are available.

Please contact us for further information

General information

A Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger is a self-propelled vessel, used for maintaining or deepening waterways, to dredge sands or to replenisch beaches. In other instances using it for capital works e.g. for construction purposes on land. Equipped with powerful pumps the vessel deploys one or two suction pipes fitted with a draghead. Subsequently these dragheads are lowered onto the seabed, whilst the vessel moves slowly forward. Holding the dredged materials in its hopper, the vessel sails to the location , often many miles away from the dredging area to discharge them. This discharging can be done in various was, such as 1) through its bottom-doors, mounted in the keel of the vessel, 2) pumping these ashore, sometimes over distances of more than one kilometer, or 3) by spraying the material over a short distance, also known as rainbowing.

General information

A Cutter Suction Dredger is a stationary dredger equipped with a rotating cutting device (cutterhead). The cutterhead is mounted to the end of a ladder and which cuts the material prior to being sucked up by flow of a powerfull suction pump. In order to move the dredger, two side wire winches pull the Cutter Suction Dredger’s ladder from side to side. In this manner the dredger can rotate horizontally in a radius of about 70-90 degrees. Usually by means of a spud pole, the aft side of the Cutter Suction Dredger is fixed in the horizontal plane to the a certain position on the seabed. Subsequently the material is now sucked up by one or two powerful  inboard pumps, which pump the material via a floating line to e.g. a sandfill. In addition, a Cutter Suction Dredger is more suitable to dredge the harder materials.

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