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330 ft Cargo Barge (keen sellers)

For Sale. RINA classed, well maintained spoon bow 10,000 dwt cargo barge. Multiple sister barges available. Location: Middle East Gulf region. Enquire

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Build 2014
Class RINA, C ✠ Hull, unrestricted navigation
Length 100.6 m   (330 ft)
Beam 27.5 m   (  90 ft)
Depth 6.4 m     (  21 ft)
Draft 5.05 m   (  16.5 ft)
GT 4,550
Deck & cargo Capacity
Deadweight 10,500 t
Deck load 15 t/m2 (even distribution)
Cargo area 86.5 m x 24.5 m = 2,120 m2
Coamings 4 m high
Coaming openings Midship, both sides
330 ft Cargo Barge (keen sellers)
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