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Draga IHC
650mm (26″) modular Cutter Suction Dredger
28 junio 2017
DP2 Moor
DP-2 FiFi-1 4-PM MPSV (2 sisters)
5 julio 2017
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500mm (20″) Modular Cutter Suction Dredger

2007, IHC Beaver 5014C, BV class. Modular. Loa x B x D (m): 35 x 9.5 x 2.5. Dredgepump power: 745 kW. location: NE Europe Enquire

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ClassBV, I ✠ Hull dredger coastal area • MOT
Length oa, incl. ladder35.0 m
Length pontoons23.5 m
Beam9.5 m
Depth mld2.5 m
Draft1.50 m
Side pontoons, moulded23.5 x 3.0 x 2.5 m
Dredging particulars
Dredging depth14 m
Suction pipe diameter500 mm
Discharge pipe diameter500 mm
Total dry weight approx.174 t
Dredge pumpIHC
Dredge pump engineCaterpillar 3508 B-SCAC, 745 kW
Power pack (cutter, winches, spuds)Caterpillar 3406C, 345 kW
Total installed power1,090 kW
Deck equipment
CutterIHC, 170 kW, 1,455 mm, 30 rpm
Winches (ladder / swing)11 t pull, 20 m/min
Wire, anchors100 m x 24 mm, 730 kg each
Spuds2 x 18.6 x  0.6 m
Spud weight6.2 t each
Spud cylinders stroke2.10 m
Spud stroke3.15 m
Swing width30 m -39 m
Deck crane2.0 t at 3.5 m
Spud carrieryes


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