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Mooring winches 1200 m x 38 mm (2x)

Mooring winches originating from an Sub Sea Vessel (SSV). location: The Netherlands. Enquire

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Equipment :                            2 sets used Electrical Mooring Winch, complete with fairleads, wires and one 3 t flipper delta anchor

Make :                                      Norcrane

Windlass Drive System :      Electra Hydraulic Power Pack (not supplied)

Model No.:                               NCW-EMW/SD-60T/100B

  • This winch unit consists of a drum fitted with a pair of bronze bushings, rotating on a shaft and driven by an electric motor via an open spur gear and a gear reduction unit.
  • The main shaft is support at three positions with bronze bushing enclosed in cast steel housing and bolted to the structural steel skid.
  • The drum can be engaged or disengaged by means of an air operated jaw clutch. It is positioned on the 2nd
  • The drum is fitted with an air-operated band brake. The brake is a wrap-up design and there are two halves around the race of the brake drum. Each half has a frictional material lining bolted to it.

Specification of the winches

Capacity:                                          1200 m x 38 mm (S.W.R. @ 13 layers)

Rated Pull :                                       60 t x 0 -7 m/min (1st layer), 7.5 t x 0 -27 m/min (1st layer)

Drag Brake:                                      5 t x 120 m/min (1st layer)

Brake Holding:                                 100 t (Static, 1st layer)

Brake Assembly:                             Spring Loaded, Air Released, Fail-Safe Type

Clutch Assembly:                            Air Operated

Mooring winches 1200 m x 38 mm (2x)
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