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spud pontoon
180 ft x 60 ft 4-pm Spud barge (3 sisters) (keen sellers)
1 diciembre 2019
load barge
4,900 dwt heavy lift barge (keen sellers)
4 diciembre 2019
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5,140 dwt Cargo barges (2 sisters) (keen sellers)

Recent built and recently passed SS, Deck cargo barges with high deckload capacity and coamings. Immediately available. Location: Middle East Gulf. Enquire

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Built 2013
Class RINa, C ✠ Hull, Pontoon,
unrestricted navigation
Next SS due Oct. 2023
Length 82.3 m (270 ft)
Beam 21.4 m (70 ft)
Depth 4.90 m (16.1 ft)
Draft 3.20 m
GT 2,140
Deck & Cargo capacity
Deadweight 5,140 t
Cargo deck 1,400 m2 (73.2 m x 19.1 m)
Deck load 15 t/m2
Coaming height 4.0 m
Doors Both sides @ midships


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