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65 tbp Escort FiFi ASD tug (2 sisters)
20 enero 2017
60 tbp ASD Escort FiFi Tug
23 enero 2017
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1700 DWT Flattop barge

65 m x 15 m, 1700 ton deadweight flattop barge suitable for project cargo, equipped with Ro-Ro ramps. Location: Iberian peninsula. Keen sellers. Enquire

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Built 2004, Russia
Class GL, ✠ 100 A5 Deep sea
Length 65 m
Beam 15 m
Depth mld 3.3 m
Draft loaded 2.5 m
GT 796
Deadweight 1,700 ton
Deck load 8 t/m², uniform loading
Wheel load 12 ton
Point loads 60 ton at web frames
80 to at bulkheads
200 ton at bulkhead cross
Ro Ro ramps 4 x 12 m x 1.5 m
Lashing eyes 68
BL 50 tons
Deck completely flush
Bow Raked, Ro Ro connection
Bulkheads 3 longitudinal, 5 transverse
Compartments 24
Chain locker Starboard side
Storage compartment Port side
Railing around Removable
Signal mast Removable
Anchor winch Removable
Position & stern lights Gas
Anchor SHHP 237 kg
Anchor Chain 150 m, Ø 20,5 mm
Anchor winch Manual / with warping head
Towing arr. 2 x Smit-brackets & fairleads
Bridle 2 x 12 m steel wire
Bollards Double bollards fore & aft.
Double bollards flush at fr. 19


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