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940 m3 Self-propelled Split Hopper Barge
30 julio 2021
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1300 m3 Self-propelled Bottom-door Barge (keen seller)
20 agosto 2021
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1,000 m3 Self-propelled Split Hopper Barge (2 sisters)

Well designed, high capacity Self-propelled Split Hopper units for sale. Location: Middle East Gulf region. Enquire

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Built 80-ties
Class BV, I ✠ Hull ✠ Mach, Split Hopper Unit, Coastal area
Load Line Exemption Dredging < 15 Miles from shore or < 20 Miles from port
Length 65 m
Beam 12 m
Depth 4.0 m
Draft (exemption load line) 3.56 m
GT 865
Hopper volume 1,000 m3
Deadweight 1,840 t
Speed loaded 7 knots
Speed ballast 8.5 knots
Main engines 2 x Deutz, 430 kW ea
Propulsion 2 x Rudder propellor
Generators 1 x 40 kW, 1 x 25 kW
Tank capacity  
Fuel 78 m3
Fresh water 5.5 m3
Cabins 2 x 1-berth cabin
Other Mess / galley, sanitary


1,000 m3 Self-propelled Split Hopper Barge (2 sisters)
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