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350mm (14″) suction dredger + push boat
12 marzo 2018
12m x 12m Self-elevation platform
24 marzo 2018
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65 tbp FiFi-1 OilRec Escort ASD Tug

For Sale or BBHP: Well equipped, 2009 Rampart 3200, 65 tbp, Wartsila medium speed engines, Escort winch with rope, double drum towing winch. Accommodation 12 crew. Location: Windward islands Caribbean. Enquire

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TypeRampart 3200
ClassRINa, C , Tug, fire-fighting ship – 1 –
water-spraying, escort tug, salvage tug
✠ AUT-UMS, unrestricted navigation
Length32.0 m
Beam11.6 m
Depth5.4 m
Draft4.2 m
Cargo capacity
Clear deck area50 m2
Total deck area80 m2
Deck cargo2 x 20’ container
SpeedAhead: 13.5 knots, Astern: 12 knots, Eco: 8 knots
Bollard pullAhead: 65.5 t, Astern: 61.5 t
Consumption100%: 14 t/day, 80%: 8 t/day, Eco: 5 t/day
Main engines2 x Wartsila 9L20, 1800 kW each
Propulsion2 x Azimuth CS250-S/WN-K
Generators2 x Scania, 215 kVA each
Port generator1 x Margen 75 kVA
Firefighting / OilRec
Pumps2 x 1,400 m3/h, M/E driven
Monitors2 x 1,200/300 m3/h
Oil dispersant2 x boom
Deck equipment
Escort winch130 t hold, 160 m x 52 mm Amsteel rope
Towing winchDouble drum, 130 t hold
Wires700 x 52 mm + 400 x 52 mm
Towing hook130 t
Chain stopper40 t
Reel winder350 m rope
FRC1 x 6 Pers. with outboard engine
Crane1.0 t @ 4.0 m outreach
FenderingHeavy fendering all around
Tank capacities
Fuel155 m3
Freshwater44 m3
RecOil36 m3 (combined)
Foam16 m3
Dispersant8,0 m3
Navigation & Communication
Cabins2 x 1-berth, 5 x 2-berth


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