Remolcadores Azimutal (ASD) para Fletamento

124 tpf ASD Escort (F,B,V,C), FiFi-1 (2 hermanas)

Escort (F,B,V,C), Offshore Terminal, FiFi-1, Waterspray, Oil Rec

Built 2008/2009. Availability: Prompt. Rates: Inquire

Please contact us for detailed specifications

108 tpf ASD Escort (F,B,V,C), FiFi-1

Escort (F,B,V,C), Offshore Terminal, FiFi-1, Waterspray, Oil Rec

Built 2015. Availability: Prompt. Rates: Inquire

Please contact us for detailed specifications

Remolcadores Azimutal (ASD) en Venta y para Fletamento

113 tpf ASD Escort, FiFi-1

Escort (F,B,V,C), Offshore Terminal, FiFi-1, Waterspray, Oil Rec

Direct from Owners: Robert Allan Design. Built 2014. Availability: Prompt. Owners open to BB or BBHP. Rates: Inquire

Class Lloyd’s Register X100 A1 LMC-UMS 1AS FS FiFi I, ISO 9001:2008 / ISM / ISPS
Year 2014
Overall length 36.0 m
Moulded breadth 13.0 m
Depth 6.9 m
Draft (max.) 6.5 m
Gross / net tonnage 710 / 213 metric tons
Fuel oil 294.4 m3 + 45.9 m3
Cargo (lube / fuel oil) 45.9 m3
Lube oil – Dirty oil 6 m3 – 5.1 m3
Fresh water – Oily water 18 m3 – 5.4 m3
Ballast 180 m3
Sewage / Grey water 7.6 m3 – DVZ-SKA-10 Biomaster Plus
(Holding tank – Treatment plan)
Deck area 76.4 m2
Max. speed – Fuel consumption 15.1 knots – 24.9 metric tons/day
Econ. speed – Fuel Consumption 9.0 knots – 6.9 metric tons/day
Super Econ. speed – 7.5 knots – 5.6 metric tons/day
Fuel Consumption
Classification Class 1
Pumps 2 x 3,010 m3/h
Monitors 2 x 1,200 m3/h – 300 m3/h (water – foam)
1 x 2,400 m3/h (water)
Hose connection (8) 76.2 mm diameter – 4 port and 4 starbord
Deluge system 505 m3
Propulsion Double Z-Drive,
Rolls-Royce Aquamaster US 305 CP
Main engines 2 x MAK 9M25C
Total power output 2 x 3,000 kW (8,160 bhp) @ 750 rpm
Generator 3 x Caterpillar C9, 250 kW, 60 Hz
Emergency generator PRAMAC, S5500, 5.5 kW
Engine-room classification Unmanned machinery space (UMS)
Maximum static bollard pull 113 metric tons
Towing winch Markey TES-40UL-125HP
Brake capacity : 276 metric tons
Pulling capacity : 66.7 metric tons @ 7 m/min
Stall pull capacity :100 metric tons
Galv. steel wire, 64 mm, 1.8 x 10 x 762 m
Tow pins 76.2 x 304.8 mm rise tow pins
max. load 300 tons at 15o
Stern roller 508 mm diameter
Escort steering force 122 tons at 18.5 km/h (10 knots)
Bow winch Full escort certified rendering recovering
line handling winch (split drum)
Markey DESDF-48-200HP
Brake capacity : 307 metric tons
Pulling capacity : 202 metric tons
Escort drum Plasma 12 x 12
Strand : 82.5 mm diameter x 213.4 m
Tensile strength : 426 metric tons
Plasma 12 x 12
Strand : 63.5 mm diameter x 182.9 m
Tensile strength : 240 metric tons
Capstan (fwd) 2 x Markey VEP-16-40, 6 metric tons
Capstan (aft) Markey CEP 60, 10 metric tons
Deck crane Palfinger 15500 M max. lift. capacity 6,200 kg
Forward dual shock Stainless steel
Man overboard recovery system Jason’s Cradle
Search lights (2) CARLISLE & FINCH, 482.6 mm, 1,000 W Xenon, XE9666-RF
Life rafts 2 x 16 persons
Rescue boat Zodiac RIBO 450 / Mercury 25hp
Magnetic compass CASSENS & PLATH, Reflecta/11-180mm
DGPS / AIS SAAB, R4-Combined AIS & Navigation System
Radars (2), X & S Band SPERRY MARINE, VisionMaster FT
(including ECDIS & Auto Pilot)
Echo sounder ELAC, LAZ5100/ES5100
SART JOTRON, Tron Sart20
Radio Communication Station SAILOR, 6300MF/HF Radio
(including Inmarsat, RadioTelex & GMDSS functions)
Portable VHF JOTRON, Tron TR20 GMDSS
Navtex Receiver FURUNO, NX-700 A/B
SSAS SAILOR, 6120/30 System
CCTV System PELCO, CM6700 Matrix (10 zones)
Intercom JOTRON, Phontech CIS3130
Batteryless Telephone System JOTRON, Phontech BTS4000
Fog Horn & Public Address KALENBERG, KB-30A
Pilot transfer ramp Yes
Capacity 10 persons
Cabins 2 singles / 4 doubles
Mess / Dayroom Yes

All cabins and control room are fully air-conditioned


Remolcador Azimutal (ASD) (2 hermanas)

Manejo de Anclaje, Remolque Océanico y Costera, Escort 

2001, construido en la UE, bandera de la UE, 498 GT, muy versátil, bien mantenidos, oceánicos, motores de media revoluciones, Tracción punto fijo por delante: 73 ton, configuración Waterfall. Tripulación (mar/puerto): 6/3. Mar del Norte. Precio (en bloque o individuales): Consulta

Built 2001
Class Lloyd’s Register of Shipping 100A1 Oceangoing Anchor Handling ASD Tug LMC, UMS
Trading Area Worldwide /Unrestricted
Propulsion & machinery
Main engines 2 x ABC 8 MDZC diesel
Propulsion 2 x ASD propeller, 2 x 1850 kW
Steering gear 2 x Schottel SRP1515FP
Bow thruster Schottel STT 100 CP, 200 kW
Length overall 35,75 m
Width moulded 11,0 m
Depth moulded 5,60 m
Draft (max.) 5,30 m
Design draft 4,8 m
GRT 498
Bollard pull ahead Max. 74 t
Speed max 12 kn
Speed economic 10 kn
Deck area 85 m²
Deck strength 5 t/m²
Deck equipment
Aft towing/AH winch Brusselle SLH-130/50/2-1, Double drum waterfall type, power 65 t, Brake holding load 130 t (2#) drum capacity 800 m x dia 48 mm
Fwd. towing winch Brusselle SLH-130/50/2–2-2, combined towing winch and anchor windless with 2 chain lifters of 25 mm. Single towing drum, power 65 t, Brake holding load 130 t drum wire capacity of 110 m x dia 48 mm + stretcher
Tugger winches (1) hydraulic tugger aft, 15 t
Stern roller (1) SWL 200 t, 4,0 m X 12,5 m
Crane Palfinger, SWL 700 kg @ 9,2 m
davit for rescue boat 0,85 t
Towing pins Karmoy 1 set of KARM towing pins, 160 t
Stopper pins Karmoy 2 KARM Fork, MBL 300 t
Tank capacity
Fuel (MGO) 245 m³
Fresh water 33 m³
Accommodation 10 berths, 4 single & 3 double cabins

Remolcador Azimutal (ASD)

Puerto, Terminal, Remolque Costera, Escort, FiFi-1

2010,  Classe LRS, Damen 3211 Remolcador ASD, 374 GT, Tracción punto fijo por delante / atrás: 68/66 tonelades, tambor de división de popa 82/150 tonelada, solo tambor hacia adelante 60/150 tonelada, FiFi-1, monitores 2 x 1.200 m3/h, Alojamiento: 13. Lejano Oriente. Precio: Consulta

Built 2010
Class LRS, [X] 100 A1 Escort Tug [X] LMC UMS Fire-Fighting Ship 1
Propulsion & Machinery
Main engines 2 x Caterpillar 3516B TA HD+/D
Propulsion 2 x fixed pitch ASD propeller
Total power 4,180 kW
Bollard pull (ahead) 68 ton
Bollard pull (astern) 66 ton
Speed ahead (max.) 13 knts
Speed ahead (eco.) 8 knts
Main data
Length overall 32.20 m
Width overall 11.20 m
Max. draught 5.45 m
Gross tonnage 374
Bunker capacity
fuel oil 172 m3
foam 15 m3
potable water 56 m3
Navigation and communication equipment
Magnetic compass Cassens & Plath Kotter Type
Echo sounder Furuno FE-700
VHF Sailor Compact RT -5022
Radar Furuno FR 8062 + FR-1505
GPS Furuno GP-150
Deck equipment
Fore winch Hydraulic Split drum – brake load 150 T. Line pull 82 T. @ 6 m/min. on 1st layer
Towing hook Mampaey, disc type, 70 t SWL
Aft winch Hydraulic Single drum – brake load 150 T., Line pull 60 T. @ 8 m/min. on 2nd layer
Accommodation Air-conditioned accommodation for 13 persons
fire-fighting monitors 2 x 1200 m³/hr

Remolcador Azimutal (ASD) (2 hermanas)

Puerto, Terminal, Escort & FiFi

2008, clase BV Costera, 2 x Niigata 6L25HX, 1.200 kW cada uno, Eslora: 28.00 m, Manga: 9.80 m, Puntal: 4.00 m, Tracción punto fijo por delante / atrás: 45/40 toneladas, solo tambor de freno de carga de 100 toneladas hacia delante atrás, FiFi 2 x 600 m3/h, Golfo de Oriente Medio . Precio: Consulta

Built 2008
Class Bureau Veritas 1, [X] Hull, +Mach, Tug, Coastal Area
Length over all 28.00 m
Width 9.80 m
Draft (max.) 4.00 m
GT 329
Machinery & Propulsion
Main engines 2 x Niigata 6L25HX
Total power 2,646 kW
Propulsion 2 x fixed pitch ASD propeller
Bollard pull (ahead) 45 T
Bollard pull (astern) 40 T
Speed ahead (max.) 12 knots
Speed (eco.) 9 knots
Tank Capacities
Fuel oil 143 m3
Potable Water 30 m3
Foam 5 m3
Deck equipment
Fore winch Hydraulic, Single drum – 100 T. brake load, Line pull 10 T. @ 15 m/min. on 1st layer
Aft winch Hydraulic, Single drum – 100 T. brake load, Line pull 40 T. @ 7 m/min. on 1st layer
Towng hook Disc type, pneumatic, 45 ton SWL
Navigation & communication
Magnetic compass Daico Keiki Seisakusho SR-150PK
Echo sounder Marinetek Seamax Colour Video Sounder 6
VHF lcom M59
Radar Furuno 1721
GPS Furuno GP-31
Accommodation 10 persons (air-conditioned)
Fire-fighting monitors 2 x 600 m3/hr

Remolcadores Azimutal (ASD) en Venta

70 tpf ASD Escort (2 hermanas)

Towage, Offshore Terminal, Escort & FiFi-1

2014/2015, RAmpart 3300AV, 497 GT, ocean-going ASD, 70 tbp ahead, 63 tbp astern. Price (en-bloc or individual): Inquire

Designer: Robert Allan Limited
Model RAmpart 3300AV
Class ABS
Notation + A1, Towing Vessel, Escort Vessel, Ⓔ, + AMS, Fire-Fighting Vessel Class 1, Unrestricted Navigation
In compliance with MLC 2006
Length 33.00 m
Breath 12.2 m
Depth 5.4 m
Draft 4.23 m
GT 497
Crew 10 Men
Bollard Pull (ahead) 70 T
Bollard Pull (astern) 63 T
Free Running Speed 13 Knots
Fuel Oil 202.3 m3
Fresh Water 42.6 m3
Water Ballast 56.2 m3
Foam Tank 10 m3
Dispersant Tank 10 m3
GMDSS System Area A1+A2+A3
Radar No. 1 Furuno Far-2117
Radar No. 2 Furuno Far-8062
GYRO Compass Anschutz Standard 22
Magnetic Compass Lilley & Gillie MK2000
AIS Furuno FA-150
GPS Furuno GP-150
Autopilot Anschutz Nautopilot NP60
Echo Sounder Furuno FE-700
VHF/FM RT Furuno FM8900s
MF/HF RT Furuno FS-2575T
Navtex Receiver Furuno NX-700B
EPIRB Ocean Signal 406MHZ
E/R Machinery
Main Engine 2 x CAT 3516C, E-started, 2682 BHP/1600 rpm
Azimuth Thruster 2 x Rolls-Rocye US255FP, 2600 mm Dia, FPP
Generator 2 x Cummins YP120MXDG, 120ekw 415V/3P/50Hz
F.O Transfer Pump 20 m³/hr @ 3 bar (Azcue)
Fwd. Winch/Windlass (Escort Notation)
Drum 2 x 200 m x 52 mm dia;
Brake holding: 175 T;
Gypsy 22 mm dia Chain
Stern Towing Winch
Drum: 800 m x 52 mm dia;
Brake holding: 175 T
Towing Hook 70 TSWL
Capstan 3T x 0-15 m/min
Deck Crane 1 T x 5 m, Palfinger PK6500M
External Fi-Fi FiFi-1 (FFS)
Fire Pump 1 x 2,860 m³/hr
Fire Monitors 2 x 1,200 m³/hr
Oil Dispersant System FFS

62 tpf ASD AHT FiFi-1 (2 sisters)

AHT, Terminal, Escort & FiFi-1

2001, BV Class, 2 x 1.840 kW each, l x w x d (m): 35.00 x 11.50 x 4.50, bollard pull ahead/astern: 62/57 tons, aft winch waterfall conf 75/145 ton, fwd winch single drum 35/100 ton. FiFi-1, 2 x 1.200 m3/h, WAF. Price: Inquire

Bureau Veritas 1 + HULL, + MACH, Tug – Fire fighting ship 1, Unrestricted navigation
Built 2001
Length over all 35.00 m
Beam over all 11.50 m
Maximum draught 4.50 m
GT 496
Main engines 2 x Yanmar 6N280
Total power 3,680 kW
Propulsion 2 x controllable pitch ASD propeller
Bow thruster 1 x 110 kw
Bollard pull (ahead) 62 tons
Bollard pull (astern) 57 tons
Speed ahead (maximum) 14 knots
Speed (economic) 11 knots
Fuel oil 245
Potable water 80
Foam 14
Accommodation , air-conditioned, for 14 persons
Deck area (aft) 120
Fore winch Hydraulic
Single drum – 100 T. brake load
Line pull 35 T. @ 10 m/min. on 1st layer
Aft winch Hydraulic
Waterfall (2 drums) – 145 T. brake load
Upper drum – Line pull 75 T. @ 5 m/min. on 1st layer
Lower drum – Line pull 75 T. @ 5 m/min. on 1st layer
Stern roller 1.4 m. x 4.8 m., 130 SWL
Tugger winch 1 x 5 tons.@ 15 m/min.
Towing pins x T. SWL
Capacity fire-fighting monitors 2 x 1,200 m³/hr
Crane 1.54 tons SWL. @ 5.2 m. outreach

NB 70 tpf ASD Tug (2 sisters)

Coastal – / Ocean towage, Terminal, Escorting, Mooring, FiFi-1, Salvage

RAmparts 3200, ASD, 70 toneladas tpf, Class: RINa, solidly built & versatile, Dimensions (m): 32,00 x 11,60 x 5,40. Delivery Turkey around April 2017. Price: Inquire

Type ASD
Model RAmparts 3200
Class RINa
Notation «C» +Hull+Mach – Salvage, Escort, FI-FI1 – water spraying, AUT-UMS, Unresticted Navigation
Length over all 32,00 m
Length bpp 30,24 m
Beam 11,60 m
Depth 5,36 m
Draft (max) 4,19 m
GT 484
NT 145
Ballast 39,6 m3
Fuel oil 151,4 m3
Fresh water 43,4 m3
Waste oil / oily water 4,6 m3
Sewage holding tank 3,7 m3
Foam 15,4 m3
Main engines 2x CAT 3516C D-rating
Power 2x 2100Kw @ 1600rpm
Azimuth 2 x Schottel SRP 1515 CP
Nozzle Mild steel, stainless steel inner surface
Propellors 2600 mm dia
Generators Main: 2x CAT C9 DITA
175 eKw 400V 50Hz
Aux genset 1x CAT C 4.4
69 ekw 400V 50Hz 3ph.
FiRE FIGHTING (external) FI-FI 1
Pump 2 x FFS SFP 250×350 – 1436 m3/h
Monitors 2 x FFS 1200 x 300 SB -1200/300 m3/h
Speed (ahead, free running) 12,0 knots
Bollard pull 70 tonnes (approx.)
Aft winch Single drum winch SEC or equal
Capacity 600m  Ø52mm
Towing hook 70 tonnes SWL
Reel winder 700 m wire rope
Fwd winch Double drum SEC or equal
Capacity 2 x 160m
Cabins 1 x 1 master
1 x 1 C/E
2 x 2 Officer
2 x 2 A/B
Total 6 crew
All cabins fully air-conditioned
Anchor & chain 2 x 450kg  HHP – chain 2 x 225m,Ø24mm
MOB crane GD RS 21/4
MOB 1 x 6 Pers. with outboard engine
Liferafts 2 x 12 Pers.

NB 70 tpf ASD Tug (2 sisters)

Coastal Towage, Terminal, Mooring, FiFi-1

RAmparts 2500W, ASD, 70 toneladas tpf, Class: RINa, solidly built & versatile, Dimensions (m): 25,60 x 12,00 x 4,60. Delivery Turkey October / November 2016. Price: Inquire

Type ASD
Model RAmpart 2500 W
Class RINa
Notation I + HULL + Machinery, Tug, Unrestricted Navigation – AUT-UMS FiFi-1
Length overall 25,60 m.
Breadth, molded 12,00 m.
Depth, molded 4,60 m.
Loaded Draught 5,10 m.
GT 348 (approx.)
Bollard pull 70 Tons – ahead at %100 MCR (approx.)
Speed (free running) 12 knots (approx.)
Main Engines 2 x CAT 3516C  2,100 kW at 1,600 rpm, D-rating or equal
Z Drive Propulsion Units RR US255 P20 CP or equal
Diesel generators 2 x Perkins genset Approx 84 KW by 1500 rpm 50 Hz
Voltage & Frequency 400V-50Hz
Winches Fwd 1 pc  Fore Anchor towing winch, DMT type 111-E20.5K2 (300KN) or equal  one chain lifter & one drum. Drum is capable of 200 meter 48 mm dia rope.
Winches Aft 1 pc Electrical aft winch  DMT type 011-E300 kN or Equal with one drum  600 meter 48 mm dia rope.
Towing hook Mampaey Quick Release Disc Type Towing Hook
FIRE FIGHTING (external)
FI-FI system 1 x integrated control system, for two monitors, including clutch for 1 x FiFi pump connecting to each main engine’s PTO PLC based interlock function for engine ready to start fi-fi and valve position.
Main fire pump 1 x fire-fighting pump
Type Horizontal centrifugal
Capacity 2 x approx 1.355 m3/h at 120 mwc
Water / foam monitors 2 x remote operated monitor  with remotely operated F/J nozzle.
Complement 6
Crane Optional
Liferaft 2 x 8 persons
Lifeboat Hatecke or equal
JRC – POLAR  complying GMDSS A3 area

Remolcador Azimutal (ASD)

Remolque Oceanico, Amarre, Control de Incendios y Derrames

75 toneladas tpf, construido: 2009, España, Clase: LR, Dimensiones (m): 31.5 x 11.2 x 4.2, de proa: un tambor –  150 toneladas carga del freno, de popa: doble tambor – 150 toneladas de carga del freno, posición: Caribe. Precio: Consulta

Por favor, contacto con nosotros para obtener especificaciones detalladas

Remolcador Azimutal (ASD) (2 hermanas)

Remolque, Amarre, Control de Incendios y Derrames

70 toneladas tpf, Construido: 2007 Turquía, Clase: BV, Dimensiones (m): 32.5 x 11.8 x 4.85, de proa: un tambor, 250 toneladas de carga del freno. Popa: Doble tambor – 130 toneladas de carga del freno, posición: Golfo del Oriente Medio. Precio: Consulta

Bureau Veritas I HULLMACH, escort tug, salvage tug, fire-fighting ship l, water spraying, oil recovery, unrestricted navigation, AUT-UMS
Built 2008
Length over all 32.50 m
Beam over all 11.76 m
Maximum draught 4.84 m
GT 451
Main engines 2 x Caterpillar 3516B
Total power 4,000 kW
Propulsion 2 x controllable pitch ASD propeller
Bow thruster 1 x 150 kW
Bollard pull (ahead) 70 ton
Bollard pull (astern) 64 ton
Speed ahead (maximum) 14 knots
Speed (economic) 9 knots
Fuel oil 216
Potable water 43
Foam 26
Accommodation, air-conditioned, for 10 persons
Forward winch Hydraulic
Single drum – 250 T. brake load
Line pull 30 T. @ 11 m/min. on 1st layer
Towing hook DTH 65 130P, 65 ton SWL
Aft winch Hydraulic
Double drum – 130 T. brake load
Line pull 45 T. @ 5 m/min. on 1st layer
Magnetic compass Sperry Marine NAVIPOL 1
Echo sounder Sperry Marine ES 5100
VHF Sailor RT-5022
Radar Sperry Marine DECCA Bridgemaster-E
GPS Sperry Marine LMX 420/2
Capacity FiFi monitors FiFi-1, 2 x 1200 m³/hr
Waterspray Yes
Crane 1.2T SWL. @ 11.26 m. outreach

Remolcador Azimutal (ASD) (NB - 3 hermanas)

Remolque, Amarre, Control de Incendios y Derrames

Ramparts 3200 class tug boat, 70 tons Bollard Pull, Class: Rina C, Unrestricted Navigation, Escort Tug, FiFi 1, Dimensions(m): 32 x 11,6 x 5,6, Free running,speed: 13 knots, 2 x Wartsila type 6L26 1000 rpm total 4080 kW, LIPS type -S/WN-K Hawser winch, Towing winch: Single drum 1000m of 52mm SWR, Tow pins, Stern roller: 4.2m length with 0.9m diameter, Deck crane: Palfinger, 12.4m outreach. Three (3) months delivery. Precio: Consulta

Por favor, contacto con nosotros para obtener especificaciones detalladas

60 tpf ASD AHT (Resale 2 sisters)

Anchor Handling, Harbour Towage, Terminal, Escort & FiFi-1

l x w x d x draft (m): 32.72 x 12.00 x 5.20 x 4.30. Location: Shanghai region, China. Price: Inquire

Class ABS
Notation A1,towing vessel, AMS,○E, FIFI-1,UWILD
Length oa 32.72 m
Width 12.00 m
Depth 5.20 m
Draft 4.30 m
G.T 498
Speed 12kn
Bollard pull 60 t
Complement Air condition for 12 persons
Fuel Oil 218 m3
Potable water 50 m3
Ballast water 41 m3
Lub. Oil 2.4 m3
Black water 8.5 m3
Grey water 8.5 m3
Foam 9.0 m3
Detergent 10.0 m3
Main engine 2 x Niigata 6L28HX 1654kw@750rpm
Main engine consumption 191g/kWh @ Max Power
Z-Peller & Gearbox 2 x Niigata ZP-31B, 2300mm Diameter fixed pitch, Gear Box Ratio:2.741
Gen. set 2 x Cummins QSM111, 240kW each, 415V/3/50Hz
Generator Consumption 209g/kw-h@Rated Power
Bow thruster 3T, with ABB Motor & Schneider Starting Cabin
Anchor windlass 60t, Jebsen & Jessen
Towing winch 60t, Jebsen & Jessen
Towing hook 100t, Jebsen & Jessen
Capstan 5t, Jebsen & Jessen
Pumps 2,800 m3/h @ 1800rpm, make Mas
Monitors 2 x 1,200 m3/h @ 10bar, make Mas
Radio & Navigation Furuno
Sewage system Taiko,for 20 persons

Remolcador Azimutal (ASD) Azimuth Stern Drive

Este es un remolcador donde hélices y ejes normales han sido sustituidos por dos unidades de propulsión en azimut, por el que cada unidad de hélice / boquilla individual puede girar indepently (360 grados) alrededor de un eje vertical. También se puede aplicar el poder de forma individual para cada unidad. La posición de las unidades de propulsión se colocan cerca de la popa del remolcador y hace posible que el remolcador se mueva hacia delante, hacia atrás, hacia los lados y girar alrededor de su propio eje con gran precisión. El punto de remolque en un remolcadores azimutal se encuentra en la cubierta de proa; sin embargo, algunos remolcadores azimutal pueden tener puntos de remolque adicionales en su cubierta de popa, de este modo lo que les permite funcionar de una manera similar a un remolcador de doble tornillo convencional (pero con una mayor maniobrabilidad). Algunos remolcadores azimutal tienen mejora las características que los hace aptos para towages costeras de remolque extendidas (océano), manejo de anclas, extinción de incendios, aplicaciones de plataformas de sondeo o de escolta.