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11,000 ton Semi Submersible Heavy Lift Barge
6 septiembre 2016
660 m3 Self-propelled Split Hopper Barge (2 sisters)
6 septiembre 2016
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17,000 ton Semi Submersible Heavy Lift / Launch Barge

Well equipped and documented. L x W x Depth x Draft (m): 124.0 x 31.5 x 6.7 x 5.3. Deadweight: 17,300+ ton. Deck area: ~3,600 m2. Max submerging depth (without add. floatation tanks) fwd: 8.0 m above deck, aft: 12.0 m above deck. For Charter only: Inquire

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Built 2007-2009
Class DNV, 1A1 Barge for Deck Cargo (DK+)
Length 124 m
Beam 31.5 m
Depth 7.95 m
Draft 6.1 m
GT 8,800
Cargo / Deck capacity
Deadweight 17.500 t
Deck space 3,600 m2
Deck strength 31.5 t/m2
Launching capacity up to 5,000 t jacket
Submerging depths
Submerging (without floatation tanks ) 8 m above deck fwd
when grounding at stern 12 m above deck aft
Submerging (free floating) with 10m 8 m above deck fwd
high floatation tanks positioned aft on 8 m above deck aft
main deck
Floatation tanks for free floating L x B x H: 12 m x 6.1 m x 10 m
Tank Capacities
Ballast tanks 26,750 m3
Fresh water 15 m3
Fuel (MDO) 44 m3
Ballast System
Ballast Pumps (Diesel Driven) 2 x 3,000 m3/hr
Ballast Pumps (Electric Driven) 1 x 750 m3/hr
Service Pump (Electric Driven) 1 x 250 m3/hr
Ballast Tanks 24 in pontoon
Remote operated pumps, valves and sounding system from control room
Ejector stripping system for all ballast tanks
Power Supply
Main Generators 2 x 269 kVA, 440 V, 60 Hz
1 x 145 kVA, 440 V, 60 Hz
Work Generator 1 x 22 kVA (1 x 30 Kw), 440 V, 60 Hz
Shore Power Connections 230 V and 440 V
Anchor & Mooring Equipment
Anchor Winch 1 x hydr.
Anchor 1 HPP anchor, 4,500 kg,
355 m x Ø 58 mm K3 chain
Winches 2 x double drum on winch deck
Rope Capacities 220 m x 40 mm, 150 m x 60 mm
Capstans 3 x 12 t pull
Bollards Size 250/400
Towing Equipment
Towing Bridle 1 bridle, 2 x 20 m, tow plate, 9 m fore runner
Bridle Chain 66 mm K3, 330 t, Max bollard pull 150 t
Recovery System A-frame, recovery winch with chain
Emergency Towing 134 m, 330 t
Towing brackets 3 x 500 t
Cabins 12 berth
Day Room 1
Meeting Room 1

Heavy lift Barge

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    17,000 ton Semi Submersible Heavy Lift / Launch Barge
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