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Hopper Dredger for sale
1.800 m³ Hopper Dredger (sold)
1 septiembre 2016
Hopper Dredger for sale
2.800 m³ Hopper Dredger
2 septiembre 2016
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4.500 m³ Hopper Dredger

Direct from owners: 2007, IRS class, unrestricted navigation, Loa 97m, Width 18m, Depth 8m Draft 7.2m, Presently in operation. Price / TC rates: Inquire

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Built 2007, China
Class IRS, SUL Trailer Suction Dredger, IY
Length oa 97.0 m
Beam 18.0 m
Depth mld 8.00 m
Draft (DLL) 7.20 m
GRT 4,350
Speed 12 knots
Dredging particulars
Dredging depth 25 m
Hopper volume 4,500 m3
Deadweight 6,400 t
Dredge Pump 2 x IHC Holland, HRLD 123/30/70
Jet Water Pump 2 x Zhejiang, OTS-300-560A
Suction Pipe 2 x 750 mm, swell compensated
Gantries 3 point hoisting with open hydraulic winches
Bottom doors 2 x 11 conical doors.
Valve Control Hydraulic remote operated
Overflow Pipe Adjustable
Main Engine 2 x Wuxi Antai C8300ZC18B, 2206 kW each
Propulsion 2 x FPP
Bow thruster 1 x through dredge pump
Generator 3 x Luoyang Henan TBD234V8, 250 kW each
Emer. generator 1 x China Ship Power 6135AD, 110 kW
Dredge Pump 2 x Cummins KTA 38, 746 kW each
HP Jet Pump 2 x Luoyang Henan TBD604L6, 530 kW each
Tank capacities
Fuel 430 t
Fresh Water 160 t
Lubricating Oil 15 t
Navigation equipment
GMDSS A1 + A2 + A3
2 x Radars, AIS, Echo Sounder, Weather Fax, VDR, Gyro Compass
Cabins 29 persons – all air-conditioned


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