Dredge and Marine Components for Sale / Hire

Marine Components

Motion Compensated Gangway

Active Motion / Heave Compensated Gangways

Available 2 models in 2 configurations. Price: Inquire

Certification: DNV GL
Gangway length:
Standard 19m +/- 4m
Extended 23m +/- 4m
Allowable luffing angles:
Personnel transfer -18° to +18°
Cargo transfer -23° to +35°
Wind speed: 20 m/s
Model 1
Wave height:   Hs = 0 – 3.0m
Footprint: Ø 1.5m pedestal
Weight: 22 tons
Model 2
Wave height:   Hs = 0 – 4.5m
Footprint: 5.3m x 2.8m
Weight: 80 tons
Integrated lifting winch
Lifting capacity (SWL): 1.000 kg

A-Frame: AXTech - 250 ton SWL

A-Frame: AXTech, SWL 250t (double fall), 200t (single fall), phi= 1,3

Including: Certificates, Approved drawings, Manuals, Spare parts, Load charts, etc. Condition: very good. Price: Inquire

Overall Dimensions A-frame
Pivot points C-C distance 12.5 m
Overall width 18.0 m
Total height 22.0 m (vertical, over deck)
Free height (light opening) 19.2 m (vertical, over deck)
A-frame lifting height 16.6 m (vertical, over deck)
Estimated Weight
A-frame, w/o cylinders/found. brackets Approx. 135 T (dry, max.)
Deck foundation brackets Approx. 15T each (2 off)
2 off Main Cylinders Approx. 30 T (dry, max.)
COG location
A-frame vertically positioned over the deck
X (transverse) = approx. 0.2 m (from CL)
Y (along ship) = approx. 0, 1 m (from hinge pivot to stern)
Z (vertical) = approx. 15 m (above A-frame’s pivot point)

Offshore crane: TTS Nordlift - 50 ton SWL

Offshore crane: TTS Norlift, SWL 50 t

Including: Certificates, Approved drawings, Manuals, Spare parts, Load charts, etc. Price: Inquire

Details to follow shortly

Built: 2000

Offshore crane: TTS - 35 ton SWL

Offshore crane: TTS, SWL 35 t

Including: Certificates, Approved drawings, Manuals, Spare parts, Load charts, etc. Price: Inquire

Built: 2007
1. General service in harbour conditions
2. General services internally on deck in offshore conditions
3. Personnel / basket handling according to API 2c
Design rules: DNV for cargo handling (2008) / API for personnel handling
Duty factor: 1,05
Dynamic factor: 1,3
Hazardous area: no
Crane weight: 70 ton
Pedestal weight: 22 ton
Pedestal height: 10 m
Pedestal diameter: 2.840 mm
Ship power supply: main – 440v – 60hz / aux. – 3 x 220v – 60hz
Power consumption / 1. Type: marine type
Motor data: 2. Duty class: S1 – 100%
3. Rating: 184 kW
4. Enclosure: IP55
5. Insulation class: F
6. Type starter: star / delta
Crane control: This knuckle boom crane for sale is controlled by a portable remote control box, equipped with joysticks, display showing actual hook-load, actual outreach and allowable load at the actual outreach, start/stop buttons, emergency stop button, pilot light for common alarm, selector switches for the 3 different lifting conditions and for selecting hoisting on one, two or three wire-rope parts. The remote control box may be plugged into a socket at the open control platform on the side of the crane house, or alternatively into a socket on the pedestal at the deck level.

Knuckle Boom Crane: GCC - 25 ton SWL

Knuckle Boom crane: GCC, SWL 25 t

Including: Certificates, Approved drawings, Manuals, Spare parts, Load charts, etc. Price: Inquire

25 t SWL knuckle boom crane
Removed from vessel in good working condition
Built: 2008
Maximum outreach: 20 m
Minimum reach: 4.6 m
Capacity at max. outreach: 5 ton (dynamic & static)
Capacity at min. outreach: 25 ton (dynamic & static)
Maximum hook travel: 90 m
Main hook speed: 24 m / min.
Single line pull: 27 ton.
Slew speed: 0 – 1.0 rpm
Slewing rotation: 360 degrees
Hydraulic power unit: included, two (2) 125 hp / 480v ac electric motor
Hydraulic tank capacity: 4.5 m3
Full documentation available
Delivery: ex-site the Netherlands
Availability: Immediate, upon payment in full

Hydr. Hammers

For Charter / Hire

Type Weight (t) Length (m) Oil-flow (l/min)
S500 57.5 11,943 1600
S280 30.5 10,390 800
S150 16.2 8,166 460
S90 9.7 8,055 250
IHC S-500
The IHC hydraulic underwater hammer is a universal pile-driving tool for use in air and under water. The hammer generates an energy level of up to 500 kNm. One advantage of this hammer is that the energy applied per blow can be continuously adjusted form 5 – 100% during pile driving. The hammer has been used for a variety of template and platform piles in water-depths to 285m.
Type IHC S500 Hydro hammer
Operating Data
Max. pile energy/blow* 500 kNm
Min. pile energy/blow* 25 kNm
Blow rate (max. energy) 50 bl/min
*) measured in pile
Ram 25 mt
Hammer (in air) 56 mt
Flat bottom anvil 9 mt
Pile sleeve excluding ballast 15 mt
Pile sleeve including ballast 25 mt
Total weight in air** 90 mt
Total weight under water** 74 mt
**) incl. sleeve and ballast
Hydraulic Data
Operating pressure 300 bar
Maximum pressure 350 bar
Maximum oil flow 1400 L/min
Hydraulic supply hose ID (two) 2 inch
Hydraulic return hose ID (two) 2 inch
72 In hammer sleeve
ID 1860 mm
Maximum OD 3500 mm
Length 3970 mm
84 In hammer sleeve
ID 2160 mm
Maximum OD 3900 mm
Length 3300 mm

Reintjes Gearbox, WAF 1173

Two (2) x Reintjes Gears Model WAF 1173 7.429 to 1 ratio

Please contact us for more details

Twin Disc, MGN 1727

Four (4) x Twin Disc Model MGN 1727 Gears 7.12 to 1 ratio

Contact us for more details.

Gate Valves

New Gate valves 900

Workingpressure: 6 bar
Testpressure: 10 bar
Hydraulically operated

Price: Inquire

New Gate valves 900

Workingpressure: 12 bar
Testpressure: 18 bar
Hydraulically operated

Price: Inquire


For all equipment specifications can be provided on request
Equipment will be supplied with manuals and drawings in sofar appropriate and available
Equipment Quantity
Two-stroke engine: Bolnes 18 VDNL 190/600 1
Two-stroke engine: Bolnes 16 VDNL 190/600 1
Woodward governor type: 3161 2
BBC Turbo charge type: VTR 304-11 2
Kracht Fuel Booster pump type: KF4-150 2
Nijhuis C.W, Pump Type: DKP1-80200  80m3/ hr. 2 bar. 2
Bolnes Lubrication Oil Pump type? 40m3/ hr. 5 bar. 2
Bloksma  Cooling Water Cooler type: 270LZ 2
Bloksma Lubrication Oil Cooler type: 320LZ 2
Amot C.W. thermostat valve type 5B 4
Amot Lub.Oil. thermostat valve type 38F 2
Main Generator Jeumont Schneider 2200Kw/1000rpm 1
U.W.P. motor 1100Kw/1000rpm 1
Cutter Motor Jeumont Schneider 717Kw/1000rpm 1
Dredge Pump Gearbox Tacke NHU1-560 2235Kw 600/235rpm 1
UWP Gearbox Tacke NHU1-560 1100Kw 1000/235-306rpm 1
Generator Gearbox Tacke NH1-450 2200Kw 600/1000rpm 1
Gearbox Hydraulic drive Stork 3R320 spec 3 600rpm 1
Cutter Gearbox Tacke SK III-950 715Kw 1000/50rpm 1
Curved Tooth coupling Tacke LBLK 225 1
Curved Tooth coupling Tacke SBK 375 SP 1
Curved Tooth coupling Tacke SBLK 160 1
Curved Tooth coupling Tacke SBLK 200 1
Safe Set Tacke STB 130 1
Coupling for Cutterdrive Flender KPPLG-ZAPEX ZZW 780 SO 1
Flexible Clutch Coupling Vulkan MESLU 89 & RATO-S 3022-253 1
Flexible Coupling Vulkan RATO S 1
IHC Single Walled Dredge Pump 162,5-50-80 1
IHC Double Walled dredge Pump 1900-400-800 1
Side Wire Winches Hydraulic 2
Ladder Winch Hydraulic 1
Anchor Winches Hydraulic 2
Anchor Beam Winches Hydraulic ` 2
Stern Anchor Winch Hydraulic 1
Jet Pump Nijhuis HGT 1-250500 1
Gland Pump Nijhuis NC1-50230 3
Flushing Pump Nijhuis NC1-50180 2
Gland Pump Nijhuis NC1-65340 3
Cooling Water Pump Nijhuis NC1-80280 1
Lub. Oil Pump Kracht KF 1/20 B1 1
Lub. Oil Pump Kracht KF 1/16 B1 1
Lub. Oil Pump Kracht KF 2/50 B1 1
Lub. Oil Pump Kracht KF 5/250 T1 1
Lub.Oil Cooler Bloksma 170 1
Starting Air Compressor Atlas Copco LT15-30KE 2
Working Air Compressor Ingersoll Rand 30T 1
Air Dryer Ingersoll Rand TMS 1
Hydrophore Water Pump Speck WB 10 1
Sludge Pump Speck BS 50 1
Oil Water Seperator Aqua Marine GEDE 500 MK II 1
Fuel Oil Seperator Westfalia OSA 7-02-066 Vesa 1 Contr Unit 1
Spud Hoisting Cylnder 2
Spud Carrier Cylinder 1
Hydraulic Filter Unit 1
Hydraulic Emergency Pump Unit 1
Delta Flipper 3.5 Ton 3
Cutters 2
Search Light 1
Impellers 3
Pump Covers 2
Ball Joint male and female 1
Generator Jeumont Schneider 380V 2200Kw 3000KVA 1000rpm 1
E-Motor Cutter Jeumont Schneider 552Kw 1000RPM 750V 1
E-Motor UWP Jeumont Schneider 1100Kw 1000RPM 660V 1
Transformers Several


Details & Price: Inquire

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