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14,000 DWT Heavylift Barge

For Sale: 14,000 t deadweight. Solid built heavy lift barge. 94 m x 31 m. deck load 15 t/m². LR class recently expired (March 2018). Location: North Sea port. Enquire

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ClassLR, ✠ 100 A1 pontoon
Length92 m
Beam31 m
Depth7.6 m
Draft (mt / loaded)1.0 m / 6.2 m
Deck capacity
Deadweight14,000 t
Lightweight2,260 t
Deck load15 t/m2, average load
Deck equipment
Anchor winchSingle drum 600 m x 40 mm wire
Anchors2 x 5.3 t
Recovery winch10 t, manual, 47 m of 20 mm
Access ladders2 x PS, 2 SB
Towing bridle (not included)2 x 23 m x 73 mm U3 stud link chain,
1 x 6.0 m x 73 mm U3 link chain,
delta plate and 3 x 75 t shackles.
Diesel engine1 x 52 kW (anchor winch & BW pump)
Ballast pump1 x 500 m3/h


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