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330ft Heavy Load Barge

2011 Heavy load barge, ABS, lxbxd (m) 100 x 36.5 x 6.1 (330′ x 120′ x 20′), 25 ton/m², 13,000 ton deadweight. Wel documented and well maintained. Owners besides open to chartering also considering HP and Buy-back options as well as straight sale.

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Type Deck Cargo and Ballast Tank Barge
Built 2011
Class ABS, ✠ A1, Barge
Length oa 100.5 m   (330 feet)
Beam 36.5 m     (120 feet)
Depth Mld 6.1 m         (20 feet)
Load capacity
Deadweight 13,020 ton
Deck Load 25 t/m2
Deck Equipment
Mooring Bollards 8 x Double
Towing Brackets 2 sets “Smit” 100 t SWL fitted forward & aft
Anchor Winch 1 x 5 tons manual operated winch
Anchor 1 x 2,100 kg Stockless Bower Anchor
Fender (PS & SB) 3 rows 250mm Ø Sch. 80 half round pipe
Manhole 1 flush manhole for each tank 500 mm dia
Navigation Lights One set
All welded steel construction with flush main deck, fitted with twin skegs at stern
Transverse Bulkhead 7, watertight
Longitudinal Bulkhead 4, watertight
No. of compartments 28

Heavy Load Barge

Summary of allowable loads:  
Transverse Frames   Side Shell
(a) 170 t/m2 (g) 598 t/m2
(b) 125 t (h)
Transverse Bulkheads   Intersection of Structures
(c) 505 t/m2 (k) 114 t
(d) 33 t (m) 290 t
Longitudinal Bulkheads   (n) 116 t
(e) 517 t/m2 (p) 334 t


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