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12m x 12m Self-elevation platform

For Sale: 12.2 m x 12.2 m Modular Self-elevating platform / Jack-up barge. Legs: 18 meter. Deck load: 40 tons. Location NW Europe. Optional: Expanding pontoon to 12 m x 15 m or 12 m x 18 m and lengthening legs to max 27 meters. Enquire

Length12.2 m
Beam12.2 m
Depth1.5 m
Deck load15 t/m2
Moon pool2 x 330 mm
Deck load80 t
Jacking speed14 m/h
Load80 t/leg
Spud legs18 m x 762 mm x 25 mm
Spud leg weight4 x 9 t
Jacking unit weight4 x 5 t
Power packDeutz F6L912 Air-cooled
Hydraulic tank280 ltr
Installation conditions
Hmax0.7 m
Operational conditions
Water depth12.5 m
Hmax 2.0 m
Wind speed50 km/h
Air gap3.5 m
Survival conditions
Water depth12.5 m
Hmax 3.0 m
Wind speed120 km/h
Air gap3.5 m
Trucks3 x 12 m & 2 x 18 m
Crane80 t mobile
Personnel3 persons


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