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Fast Crew boat
Fast Response Vessel / Crewboat / Utility Vessel
5 сентября 2016
365 ft Deck Cargo Barge
6 сентября 2016
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Fast Crewboat / Utility Vessel

(Near) Port Services and Sheltered Waters

New, aluminium, l x b x d(m): 16.00 x 3.80 x 0.60, conventional propulsion: 2 x fixed prop, power 2 x 281 hp , speed: 20 knots, 12 pax + 4 crew. Price: Inquire

Артикул: E0025 Категория: Метка:
Length Overall 16.0m
Beam 3.80m
Freeboard at Bow approx 1.9m
Draft approx 0.6m
Engine Type 2 x Isuzu  Marine Diesel Engine, 281hp each
Estimated Top Speed Max 20 knots (without cargo)
Passenger Capacity 4 crew + 12 pax
Hull Material Grade Marine Alloy 5083H321
Hull Bottom Thickness 8 mm (standard)
Hull Side Thickness 6 mm (standard)
Details re outfitting provided on request

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