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  • 1.100 kW Dredge Booster Unit (3 sisters)

    Dismountable, Remotely controlled, dredge booster unit for floating and on-land application. 1.100 kW, diameter (mm): 500/600

  • 1.475 kW Dredge Booster Unit

    Remotely controlled, vacuum started, on-land application & pontoon mountable. Diameter (mm): 600/700

  • 1.475 kW Floating Dredge Booster Unit

    Floating unit. Diameter (mm): Inlet/discharge: 600-750 mm

  • 1.675 kW Dredge Booster Unit

    Remotely controlled, on-land application & pontoon mountable. Diameter (mm): 650

  • 3.000 kW Floating Dredge Booster Unit

    Floating Dredge Booster Unit: 3.000 kW. Inlet/discharge (mm): 800/800

  • 500 mm, 1000 kW, 20kV LMG Electrical Booster unit

    Containerised shore based 20 kV booster unit, 500 mm, max power 1000 kW with LMG pump, all required accessoiries and well documented. Full equipment list available. Total 3 x 20 ft container, being one control room unit, one transformer unit and one pump unit. Location West Europe. Enquire

  • IHC booster

    650 mm / 26″ land-based booster pump unit

    IHC built, wel maintained, low running hours 650 mm shore based booster pump for dredging applications. Enquire

  • booster pump

    650 mm De-watering / Booster pump unit (multiple)

    Multiple diesel driven de-watering / booster pump units mounted on skids. Owners prefer selling four units or more en-bloc. Enquire

  • 750 kW Dredge Booster Unit

    Road transportable, Skid-mounted, pontoon mountable. Diameter (mm): Inlet/discharge: 500-600 mm

  • IHC Boost Pump 175-37.5-75, Liquidyne seal + Gearbox

    IHC Booster pump, type 175-37.5-75, liquidyne seal, pumpshaft diameter 280mm, including gearbox, suitable for 2 x Cat 3512 engines. Max power at the pumpshaft 1.700 kW at 239 revs. /min.

  • IHC Dredge / Booster Pump 1900-400-800

    IHC Double Walled Dredge / Booster Pump 1900-400-800. Power: 2.100 kW @ 313 revs./min. Inlet/outlet (mm): 800 / 800

  • LSAW pipe

    LSAW (Longitudinal Submerged Arc-Welding) Steel Pipe

    Supply of LSAW (Longitudinal Submerged Arc-Welding) steel pipes in various grades, diameters, thickness and length, manufactured in accordance with production standard EN 10219 e.g. for tolerance, dimensional and sectional properties. Pipes suitable for dredging and reclamation / beach replenishment works as Sinker line, Floating line or as Shore — or Land line. Please check our competative prices diect from manufacturers. Pictures reflect a total of approx. 2,700 tons of 18m LSAW bevelled pipes (sinkerline), 12m LSAW flanged pipes (sandfill pipes), Y-pieces and bends of various angles, manufactured under ABS class supervision and delivered to our clients. Enquire

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