Компоненты для Земснарядов и Судов

Компоненты для Земснарядов и Судов

Компоненты для Судов

Motion Compensated Gangway

Active Motion / Heave Compensated Gangways

Available 2 models in 2 configurations. Price: Inquire

Certification: DNV GL
Gangway length:
Standard 19m +/- 4m
Extended 23m +/- 4m
Allowable luffing angles:
Personnel transfer -18° to +18°
Cargo transfer -23° to +35°
Wind speed: 20 m/s
Model 1
Wave height:   Hs = 0 – 3.0m
Footprint: Ø 1.5m pedestal
Weight: 22 tons
Model 2
Wave height:   Hs = 0 – 4.5m
Footprint: 5.3m x 2.8m
Weight: 80 tons
Integrated lifting winch
Lifting capacity (SWL): 1.000 kg

Offshore crane: TTS Norlift - 50 ton SWL

Offshore crane: TTS Norlift, SWL 50 t

Including: Certificates, Approved drawings, Manuals, Spare parts, Load charts, etc. Price: Inquire

Details to follow shortly

Built: 2000

Dredge Pumps

Dredge Pump - (Vosta) LMG (2x)

2 x never used (Vosta) LMG Dredge pumps type 900-1725-450, complete including bearings and inlet/inspection piece

Qn m3/h 12.300 10.150
Nn rpm 215 250
Hn meter 19 30
Pn kW 740 1.000
Pmax kW 1.250
Weight pump impellor kg 3.040
Weight of pump casing kg 7.200
Total weight kg 20.500
inlet mm 900
outlet mm 800

Contact us for more details such as Q/h curves.

Dredge Pump - GIW (2x)

2 x used GIW Dredge pumps, Single walled, 860 mm inlet, 760 mm outlet, including bearings and pedestal

Price: Inquire

Includes, all new, four(4) spare pumpshells, six(6) impellors (3 different diameters, 2 each), Six (6) wearing plates, rings and four(4) water chamber liners.

If so required, can be delivered with some piping, gearboxes etc

Pumps require about 3,000 kW drive each

Gate Valves

New Gate valves 900

Workingpressure: 6 bar
Testpressure: 10 bar
Hydraulically operated

Price: Inquire

New Gate valves 900

Workingpressure: 12 bar
Testpressure: 18 bar
Hydraulically operated

Price: Inquire

On this page you will find an array of Компоненты для Земснарядов и Судов:

  • Компоненты для Земснарядов such as dredge pumps, booster pumps, cutter heads, dragheads, grabs, gate vales, anchors, spuds, turning glands.  in short all wearing parts on board a dredger.
  • Mechanical compents like, engines, gearboxes,
  • Компоненты для Судов like thusters, all type of cranes, gantries, A-frames, caroussels

Другое Компоненты для Земснарядов и Судов

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